Why Bhutan


Happiness is a place

Asia is slowly cementing its berth as the place to be. And the trip to Asia is never really complete without travel to Bhutan, one of the top ten destinations in the world (according to the Lonely Planet, 2012).
Bhutan falls under the category of a Least Developed Country (LDC) and is not endowed with the modern marvels. But it more than makes up for the lack of development with the richness in values and way of life guided by the rich culture and tradition preserved over time. Then there is the abundant natural wealth, best portrayed in the lush valleys, serene landscapes, clear fast flowing rivers, snow capped mountains and the clear skies.
So what really compels travelers on visiting Bhutan is the opportunity to revisit the numerous and simple things we have forgotten over time, things that really helps us in our pursuit of happiness. Like its brand name ‘Happiness is a place’, happiness indeed is a place. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this land of Gross National Happiness(GNH) was ranked as the 13th happiest nation according to the happiness index.
Besides luring much of the travelers with its rich culture and tradition, and the widely acclaimed development philosophy of GNH, Bhutan increasingly is cementing its place in the area of adventure tourism.
Bhutan besides offering several treks of different difficulty rating, offers the trekkers the opportunity to conquer and overcome the snowman trek, labeled as one of the toughest trek in the world. All the treks in Bhutan tread along the ancient route which is indeed the route least travelled. Trekking in Bhutan involves conquering the high and elegant Himalayan Mountains. It is a feat in itself. Then there is the alluring and breathtaking scenery that will simply captivate your imagination. Even the river rafting is a thrilling experience to look forward to. Therefore, in Bhutan one can sit assured to be served the adventure at its best where by charming encounters are plenty.


Top ten attractions

The People

Where smiles are plenty
Bhutan is a small nation of people with big heart. That makes the people of Bhutan perhaps its biggest attraction. Here in Bhutan, one is sure to come across plentiful of smiles followed by greetings.

Journey through the highest of points

Beyond the clouds
All the trips in Bhutan, irrespective of the type, take you across high mountain passes. It is indeed a journey beyond clouds with breathtaking scenery that will simply put you in awe.

Tshechu A festival of a kind

Tshechu’s or the Bhutanese festival is one a kind. The various mask dances spanning for 2-3 days is the best way of getting a glimpse of the unique Bhutanese culture and tradition. The jesters of these festivals are known as the Atsara, who uses various antics to help the proper functioning of the Tshechu while passing on important lessons of life.


A Photographer’s paradise
Bhutan with its un-paralleled scenic beauty is indeed a photographer’s paradise. So, to get the optimum mileage out of your trip in Bhutan it is recommended that you carry a camera with you.



Fluttering prayer flags and sacred monasteries
The tantric form of Mahayana Buddhism prevalent in Bhutan can be best witnessed in the numerous monasteries spread across the country. The fluttering prayer flags pitched on high and windy mountains, murals adorning the walls, and stupas and statues inside these monasteries makes up for a delightful sight that gives insight to the Buddhist religion that continues to guide its people.


Pristine Environment

One big and beautiful natural park
With over 72% of the total land under forest cover, Bhutan is indeed one vast and beautiful natural park. Here one can come across the marvels that nature has on offer while getting to witness the peaceful coexistence between the human and wildlife.



Myths and Legends

Part of reality
Buddhist believes that spirits do exist amongst us. Myths and legends that are passed down through the oral tradition are still met with belief and therefore considered to be part of reality.


Easy to get into the meditation mode
A unique thing that is prevalent in almost all part of Bhutan is the unusual calmness. Bhutan is therefore one big recreational facility whereby one can easily get into a relaxation or meditation mode; a perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of big city lives.

Lush Valleys

A river runs through it
Almost every valley has a glacial river running through it, spreading live forms in these areas. The lush valleys add to the natural beauty of Bhutan. Of these valleys, Paro and Punakha valley are considered to be most scenic of them all.

Gross National Happiness(GNH)

Happiness is within us, and Bhutan somehow shows you the door to it.
Bhutan of recent is garnering much acclaim and applauds from the western world for its unique development philosophy of GNH that looks at overall wellbeing of the people rather than laying all the emphasis on GDP.


Central Bhutan

TRONGSA:  Elevation 2,316m

About four hour’s drive from Wangduephodrang is the central district of Trongsa, the ancestral home of Bhutan’s royal family, from where the first two kings ruled the kingdom.


Western Bhutan

THIMPHU:  Elevation 2,320m

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan with a population of approximately 100,000 people.  Thimphu became the capital in 1961, and the town is the largest in Bhutan.


East & South

For those with enough time on their hands, venture into eastern Bhutan for something quite different.  This is the land of the Sharchops, who speak their own language and nurture their own culture and weave beautiful textiles.